Albert Mellauner 2010

Born in Rina-Wilschellen, Albert Mellauner, painter, who began his academic career at the Institute for Art in Ortisei, South-Tyrol and proceeded studying the arts in Cortina D'Ampezzo, Venice and Florence. During this period, Albert Mellauner joins the artists-collective of "South-Tyrolean Abstracts" as an active group. They orchestrated Athesia Gallery during the years 1973-1975. In 1973 he mounted a selection of his work in the "Erhard Gallery", Bolzano. In 1982 both exhibitions were followed by the first monographic catalogue of the artist. In 1996 Mellauner displays a range of collected works in the "Galerie am Grillhor" in Vill (Austria. In 1997, he also exhibited in Eckerfrode (Germany) at the "Copernicus-Gallery". In 1999 he exhibits at the Municipal- Gallery in Bressanone, and in 2002 at the Municipal Museum in Brunico. In 2004 Mellauner displays his new collection at the Art Studio De Bettin; Gallery for Modern & Contemporary Arts in Brunico, where he presents his 2nd monographic catalogue. A very important step in Mellauner's life history is surely the actual personal exhibition, which takes place at the Museum Ladin "Ciastel de Tor" in St. Martin-Gadertal, from 23.03.2006-26.01.2007. The artist issued a vast range of his works and paintings during his 30 years as an abstract painter. The title of the exhibition shows: Albert Mellauner "geometrical games-30 years of painting". During Mellauner's life, he takes part in several group displays, like "Situation 76" at the bi-annual art fair in Bolzano. Another important exhibition is; "Tendencies 84" in Innsbruck Austria. In addition to these exhibitions, he also presented his work in 1994 at the "Artecclesia" art fair in Rome. From 20.05-05.06.2005 Mellauner participated at the "Trasse North-south", a creative exchange of artworks between artists of the Gadertal and the Ahrntal. Finally, in 2006, the artist takes part at the exhibition "Art & Sacred Rooms", held at the Bishopric Museum, Brixen(I). Artist's website
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