Located at the Sparerhof Vilpiano, has been a reference for the cultural scene in South Tyrol for over 40 years. Willy Sparer, as always, manages to attract to his gallery artists, critics, connoisseurs and simple art lovers: an effective combination of elements, ideas and proposals that will generate new emotions and will certainly never be boring...

Willy's Gallery is also the first project of "360-degree taste": cuisine and art, ideas, wisdom, together; success, which has arrived since the first exhibition of the master Remo Brindisi, seems to have proven Willy right, as well as the enthusiasm and the accompanying awards for over 40 years, through the exhibitions, so far about 250, are the most honest witnesses of his success.

At Willy's Gallery both established artists and emerging ones had their deserved visibility, especially from South Tyrol, but not only! even the most talented amateurs and hobbyists have had a chance to express themselves.

Come meet and get to know the art scene in South Tyrol through the proposals of Willy's Gallery: you can check yourself and discover the pleasure of all the art that pervades Hotel Sparerhof ....


18.03.1970: Opening
1970: Robert Scherer
1970: Max Sparer
1971: Hans Kompatscher
1971: Vladislav Kavan
1972: Hubert Zanol
1973: Wildfried Senoner
1974: Berti Skuber
1976: Salvador Dali
1978: Florio Vecellio
1979: Karin Schweitzer


1981: Josef Kostner
1981: Johanna Pfeifer
1981: Christian Maria Knecht
1981: Gusti Baumgartner
1982: Werner Spitzer
1982: Hubert Zanol
1982: Jörg R. Überreither
1982: Enzo Braito
1982: Gusti Baumgartner
1982: Prof. Anton Achmüller
1983: Lilly Stocker
1983: Hans Kompatscher
1984: Lorenzo Maria Bottari
1984: Robert Scherer
1984: Luis Eisenberger
1985: Karin Schweitzer
1985: Joseph Brunner
1985: Wolfgang Meraner
1985: Willi und Viktl
1986: Vinschgauer Künstler
1986: Josef Unterer
1986: Adolf Demetz da Tlusel
1986: Balthasar Lippisch
1987: Anne von Aufschnaiter
1988: Mario Micossi
1989: Enzo Braito
1989: Anne von Aufschnaiter


1990: Ingrid Clementi, Hans Braun
1991: Eduard Habicher & Marcello Jori
1991: Elisabeth Trojer
1992: Peter Verwunderlich
1992: Peppi Tischler
1993: Anne von Aufschnaiter
1993: Heidi Hafner
1993: Veronika Barbieri
1993: Margareth Burger
1994: Brunhilde Tutzer
1994: Marcello Bizzarri
1995: Sigrid Trojer
1995: Peter Verwunderlich
1996: Rainer Kainrath & Peppi Tischler
1997: Vanni Viviani
1997: Peter Koppen
1998: Edi Brancolini
1998: Guido Dauru
1998: Brigitte Erschbamer-Rauch
1999: Albino Rossi
1999: Marcello Jori
1999: Margareth Mair-Dauru

The 21st century

2000: Giorgioppi
2000: Karl Plattner
2001: Franz Lenhart
2001: Vanni Viviani
2001: Sigrid Trojer
2002: Vanni Viviani
2003: Kollektivausstellung
2004: Albino Rossi
2005: Peppi Tischler
2006: Hartwig Thaler
2008: Albino Rossi
2009: Kollektivausstellung Spargelmaler
2010: Albert Mellauner
2010: Brugger & Brugger
2011: Berufsfotografen
2011: Annamaria Pichler-Pellegrin
2012: Ruth Gamper
2012: Lydia Mayr-Schwembacher
2013: Giorgioppi
2013: Ruth Gamper & Marcello Bizzarri
2014: Hartwig Thaler
2015: Albino Rossi
2016: Lars Klauser
2017: Anna Maria Mayr
2018: Giorgioppi
2019: Markus Moling

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