You should just smoke a cigar before you turn the world.
Prince Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck

On one hand smoking a cigar in company is said to revive the conversation and to deepen the discussion; on the other hand a cigar allows you to enjoy the solitude as well. When fogged into the cloud of smoke the cigar smoker extents upon his thoughts and starts to daydream. Nicotine has been shown to promote blood circulation in the brain: cigars have always been perceived by poets, musicians and thinkers as conducive to their work.

Otto Garber of the correspondent tobacco store in the center of the spa town of Merano is a great friend and cigar connoisseur. Since the beginning of the 1990s he sells cigars from all countries, not only throughout Italy, but even beyond its borders; known for its extensive and high quality selection.

In his "walk-Humido" Garber has 900 different types of cigars on offer. They differ in origin and size. Stored at a humidity of 70%, Gaber possesses cigars of all sizes from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras.

A small selection is available at the Flower bar, at the Hotel Sparerhof in Vilpian. Regularly we are guided by Otto Garber, and carry out a range of exquisite coveted tobacco products: for lovers, connoisseurs and those who would like to become.

Curiosities about the cigar:

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