To reinvigorate our sleepy village, concerts will be held during the summer. Everything is live, everything is original.


Friday, 3rd August 2018 19:30

Interested in some Aretha Franklin and Eric Clapton?

“jellyfish quartet”

Jellyfish Quartet @ Hotel Sparerhof: Luca Pallaver, Simone Pallaver, Gege Munin, Nancy Travaglini Jellyfish Quartet @ Hotel Sparerhof

Funky Blues Soul in the garden: “jellyfish quartet”, voiced by Nancy Travaglini, Gege Munin playing contrabass, Simone Pallaver on the drums und Luca Pallaver with the guitar. Nancy’s voice brings the Soul, Gege’s bass, the funk. The brothers Pallaver contributes the blues, a sound with vintage character and just as much freshness. The Quartet’s repertoire offers various genres, from Aretha Franklin, rhythm & blues, to Wilson Pickett, Eric Clapton and by Chic and even Pop from the current charts.

September 15th, 2017, 19:30

"Saitenklang" plays in the Sparerhof

Music, a good wine, fresh Irish oysters and a Mediterranean garden: these are the ingredients for a particularly enjoyable evening at the Hotel Sparerhof in Vilpian.


On Friday 15 September the duo "Saitenklang" will be in Vilpian. Karin Knoll-Donà and Rupert Ploner have mastered their instruments, they master violin-piano, masterly and also their voices. Both have studied at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and have gathered together to compose their musical talents. With her classical instruments, she goes on a music journey that is unrivaled. The duo invites you to a journey of Irish folk, Latin American rhythms, tango, modern pop songs and classical music.


An evening that promises to be varied. A pleasure for all senses: for the culinary part the host family offers a fine selection of wines and fresh Irish oysters. The right end for an unforgettable summer 2017.


April 6th, 2017, 19:30

Franziska Steinhauser - harp

"The harp is a whole orchestra if one can use its great potential," says Anna-Maria Ravnopolska-Dean, Bulgarian harpist, composer and musicologist.

Franziska Steinhauser, Frisch g

And Franziska Steinhauser has mastered the instrument, studied the harp and plays it with passion.

On the occasion of the opening of the art exhibition "Harmony of Color" by Bruneck artist Anna Maria Mayr, Franziska Steinhauser lets us hear this passion. She accompanies the evening musically from 8 pm in the gallery Willy.

Franziska Steinhauser performs in the music form "Frisch g'strichn", a five-headed violin music from the upper Pustertal. This evening she will surprise us as a soloist.

October 17th, 2015, 19:00

Das 4er Tris
Alexa Mairhofer - soprano, piano
Judith Stoll - old violin
Michael Hackhofer - tenor, viola
David Unterhofer - bass, cello

To feel the passion is easy

On October 18 you have the chance to enjoy an extraordinary musical experience by four young Musicians at the Hotel Restaurant Sparerhof. The "four-people-tris" plays on classical instruments anything they and the audience like. Unfamiliar yodelling, folk songs, of course classical and even contemporary music.

  You can be gladdened by Hubert von Goisern to John Dowland. Alexa Mairhofer, Judith Stoll, Michael Hackhofer and David Unterhofer and the love for music they have in common with one another has led them together. The pleasure of making music is clearly heard and felt when the four students together pursue their favorite hobby. Enter the rhythm and passion further when the piano, the violin, the viola and the cello combine to create extraordinary sounds. Accompanied by excellent service in the attractive ambiance of Hotel Restaurant Sparerhof in Vilpiano the "four-people-tris" promises a unique evening.

March 31, 2015, 19:00

The 4-tris

Das 4er Tris
Alexa Mairhofer - soprano, piano
Judith Stoll - old violin
Michael Hackhofer - tenor, viola
David Unterhofer - bass, cello
"The 4-tris" playing on classical instruments anything they and the audience like. Unusual Jodel, folk songs, classical of course and even contemporary.
Since one is gladdened by Hubert von Goisern to John Dowland. Alexa Mairhofer, Judith Stoll, Michael Hackhofer and David Unterhofer found each other for the common love of music. The joy of making music can be heard and felt clearly and to feel when the four students join in exploring their favorite hobby. Enter the rhythm and passion further, if they let the piano, the violin, the viola and the cello sound.

May 31st, 2013, 20:30


Tire Bouchon
Stefan Geier – accordion
Peter Bozzetta – guitar
Hartwig Mumelter – double bass

A cracking good story between Piazzola’s and Avsenik’s opera, between musette and waltz without ever losing the contact to reality.

As soon as the “corkscrew” starts working, new and original sounds appear that make their way through the narrow bottleneck and reach the air by filling it with passions and emotions.

Accordion, guitar and contrabass, for a brief moment have a touch of folkloristic and traditional elements, which are mixed with multicultural sounds and finally disappear in the bottle for new original compositions.

April 4th, 2013, 21:30



An unusual line up requires a lot of courage, creativity and love of experimentation.

Katrin Rumberg and Lisa Wulff have plenty of it and so after their first musical encounter, the duo „Kalis“ came into being.

At this years "Spargelfest" they are joined by Raphael Becker-Foss on drums. The magic of making music in a small line up is something very special.

Delicate, unusual arrangements and virtuoso solos are one part of the program, such as beautiful catchy melodies and modern, original compositions.

On the one hand it is the warm double bass sound and the polyphonic voices, on the other hand there are percussive elements, guitarlines and groovy basslines of the electric bass; sometimes it is even the surprising playing with voice and loopstation that assures an exciting concert.

Katrin Rumberg - Vocals, Guitar
Lisa Wulff - Bass, Vocals
Raphael Becker-Foss, Drums

August 11th, 2012, 20:00

The Fabergé Quartet

Fabergé Quartet

Gabriela Koch (voc) Natalie Plöger (bs) Ludwig Büsing (p) Philip Krause (perc)

It is rather difficult to classify the Quartet that plays around singer Gabriela Koch: the mixture that results when you blend jazz with a touch of pop, a pinch of sould, a handful of music from all over the world and a lot of passion is way to interesting. The singer with her powerful voice is able to merge her own style to standards, but also to her self-written pieces, and is not afraid to ignore the boundaries between genres quite at ease, always on the lookout for the unusual sound of the moment. No wonder the band despises the use of a traditional drum set, and is using multi-percussion set up with its own special and thrilling sound instead. audience Gabriela Koch Ludwig Büsing Natalie Plöger, Philip Krause

29.7.2010: Naonagae Naange

Naonagae Naange Naonagae Naange Naonagae Naange

25.6.2010: Plankensteiner Lösch

Plankensteiner Lösch Plankensteiner Lösch

24.4.2010 Herbert Pixner Projekt

Video von Jochen Unterhofer, Herbert Pixner Projekt
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