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Indigenous Selections

For over 200 years the Gump Hof, which can be traced back in historical documents to the year 1546, has been owned by the Prackwieser family. In the mid-nineties Markus Prackwieser discovered his passion for wine and took over the old-established family business from his father Johann. An ongoing dialogue with fellow winemakers and excursions to leading wine growing regions are typical of the spirit of experimentation at the Gump Hof. A combination of knowledge acquired over generations, personal experience, time, patience and continuous attention to a distinctive pro­le results in wines that reflect the character of both the landscape and the wine-grower.
­The vineyards of the Gump Hof, with their southwest exposition and 60 - 70 % inclination, are located on solid Bolzano quartz porphyry and o‑er ideal conditions for the varieties grown by Markus. Situated at 400 - 800 meters above sea level, the vineyards have two special features, namely calcareous morainic soils and diurnal variation in the winds. During the day, a Mediterranean climate is delivered by the Ora wind from Lake Garda, while downslope winds from the Dolomites cool the vines at night, resulting in particularly complex wines with a crisp freshness. No wonder that wine-growing is experiencing a remarkable renaissance here on the steep slopes of the southern Valle Isarco at the foot of the Sciliar massif.

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