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Fish you where here

Summer is in full swing. Heat and sultriness are the order of the day.

The concierge longs to cool down, and above all: a change of pace. A colleague advises him to try fishing, something the concierge has never done before. And the thought of being near a large body of water does sound somewhat refreshing.

So the concierge decides to spend the day at the Durnholzer Lake in Sarntal fishing.

With a fishing permit bought at a local restaurant and his equipment kindly provided to him by his colleague, we drive to the lake. A light, but refreshing breeze awaits us. With rod and tackle in hand, we set out to find the perfect spot for the concierge's first fishing experience.

The breeze picks up a bit and light rain sets in. Maybe it‘s better to take a break after all...

We take a break at the Fischerwirt, a well-known inn in the area. The concierge thinks about trying the grayling, a fish the Durnholzer lake and this establishment is known for. But the menu is filled with delicious sounding dishes, which makes the decision on what to order more difficult.

Finally we decide on tartar of veal and beef with homemade brioche and butter

Tomato gazpacho with peach

Potato mezzelune stuffed with veal breast

Ox fillet with chanterelles on mashed potatoes and Lagrein sauce

Accompanied with a glass of Kerner, an aromatic white wine.

The rain continues to increase. Too heavy to continue (or start...) fishing. So the concierge decides to go home, disappointed, without a catch.

The return trip was a bumpy ride. The summer thunderstorm becomes more violent and hail falls over Bolzano.

All in all, the concierge is nevertheless satisfied with the trip. From his point of view, the saying: „Life begins, when the fishing season does“ is something that perhaps should be reconsidered...

stay tuned!!

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