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It's all fun & games until you run out of beer

While South Tyrol is renowned for its wine, South Tyrolean beer should not be underestimated.

Yesterday, the Concierge was having a look at the dining room and observed that on this particular evening, the most common beverage to accompany Tyrolean specialties was not wine, but beer. Thus, at the end of the evening the Concierge noticed that the remaining beer levels in storage were dangerously low. Too low, in fact, to continue serving beer throughout the next evening, should his guests again favor beer over wine.

So, early next morning, the Concierge contacted one of his most trusted suppliers, but: „Unfortunately, we can't deliver until Wednesday morning!"

A backup plan was needed. Of course, the Concierge would be quite a lousy concierge if he gave up after a single phone call, and especially if he didn‘t know where to get beer on an ordinary weekday. After all, if his guest wanted beer, beer they shall have!

On his quest the Concierge drives his van to Meran, and lo and behold, two kegs were acquired with ease.

And now, with his hunt completed and the sun setting high in the sky, hunger sets in. So, where to, for a fast and simple lunch? Asking his phone he reads the words „trucker lunch“, sure, that should do nicely. The route takes the Concierge towards Dorf Tirol and to an old and rusty cable car. He isn‘t supposed to get on this thing is he?

Thankfully he wasn‘t. The drive continues and at the end of the road he finds himself outside a restaurant with a breathtaking view of the whole valley below him.

„Trucker lunch“, he thinks. Let‘s see...

Lunch consists of

beef tartare, quail egg and mustard ice cream followed by char filled ravioli from the Passeier valley with slivers of almonds, and as main course a new interpretation of „Zwiebelrostbraten“ (fried beef and onions in gravy). For dessert, lime yogurt with marinated pineapple and a sorbet of South Tyrolean Pink Lady apples.

So much for „trucker lunch“...

Compliments to the colleagues from the Michelin starred Farmerkreuz restaurant, even if they don‘t quite play in the same league as the Concierge (but perhaps at least two leagues higher...)

Stay tuned!!!

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