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Mair goes Eier

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The italian tradition

During Ferragosto, a young family from Salerno stayed in our hotel. This year the grandfather couldn‘t stay with them due to his work.

The family’s child was home sick and missed his grandfather since they usually spend a lot of time together at home.

During dinner, while eating a strawberry desert, the child, Stefano, opened up a little and told us he would like to go home this very evening. He explains, tomorrow night, the night before ferragosto, him and his grandfather would dine together and eat palatella, the typical bread of that area.

To surprise Stefano, the next day we prepared the dough and gave it enough time to rise to then bake it just in time for dinner.

At dinner, Stefano was served a whole loaf of bread, similar to the one he would have enjoyed with his grandfather.

While we might not have been able to cure Stefano of his home-sickness, we did manage to put a smile on Stefanos face.

Stefano and his family promised us, that next year they’d all be back, but this time, they’d make sure to bring grandpa.

We certainly look forward to that!

Stay tuned!!!!

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Rainbow over the waterfall
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Chapel of Saint Helena, and Sprin Bad Überwasser
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Our destination this time was the Parnaud Alm. A walk through larch forests, surrounded by the Schnalstal glacier.

While the sun was shining in Vilpian, in Karthaus the mountain tops were covered with clouds. The concierge asked a local for directions, who also let him know that the cloudy weather was not ideal for the Pernaud Alm.

Fully motivated, the concierge his entourage began the 2:30h hike. But as soon as the first raindrops started to fall the motivation was gone. Stop. It is time to turn around.

In these mountains, but much further up, the Similaun Man was found, the mummy from the ice, also known as Ötzi. While it takes worse weather to end up as Ötzi, rain in the mountains isn’t to be taken lightly. It was high time for a change in plans. With lunchtime approaching the concierge decided to dine in a local restaurant.
Smoked char, roasted suckling pig with potato salad, tagliatelle with chanterelles, and of course, a good glass of wine.

With a full stomach the concierge visited the former Carthusian monastery of Monte degli angeli, where “strength lies in silence”. Enjoying the peaceful, absolute silence, the concierge found it difficult to return to Vilpian, where his telephone vibrates, and the reception bell rings.

The silence is very relaxing. Almost like a vacation.

The concierge considers himself a very lucky person, living, where other people come for holiday.

Stay tuned!

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Pauls hemp will be smoked?

After the Concierge recently received fresh strawberries from the Willelehof, he promised farmer Paul that he would pay a visit to his farm. Not only out of curiosity and to assure himself that Paul’s cultivation was top of the line, but also as an excuse to get out of the office.

The concierge had already seen all kinds of farms, some with broken tractors in the front, scrap metal and machine parts scattered everywhere, with unsold apples being stored out front and a couple crates of pears rotting in between.

But once he arrived in Glanning, in Jenesien, at first the concierge was convinced he was at the wrong address. There should be a farm here, right? Instead, the concierge finds himself standing in front of a villa that could be straight out of Hollywood, with freshly mowed lawn and every pebble on the road precisely where it belongs. But a raspberry plantation right next to the villa confirms that this is indeed the Willelehof.

The plantation is in perfect condition and Pauls strawberries follow suit. He grows to types of strawberries, one in raised beds and one on the ground.

On the well-kept lawn stands Paul’s son, who is taking care of the tractor. Scrap metal and broken parts nowhere to be found.

Paul goes into detail about the strawberry market. His farm isn’t the only thing that impresses us, the taste of his strawberries does as well.

Out of nowhere we notice something strange! As we look across the strawberry fields we discover a hemp plantation in the middle of his fields!

Paul! Not for smoking, is it?

Paul assures us that his hemp is not suitable for smoking. This hemp is grown when changing fruit crops.

Yeah, right…

The Willelehof is in impeccable condition. After the visit we enjoy the landscape of Jenesien on a walk to the Jöchl-Almhütte, from where we continue to the Möltner-Kas, where we enjoy a light lunch.

Cabbage salad with roasted Speck and typical Vinschgerle bread.

Are we sure our appetite didn’t come from Paul’s hemp?

Stay timed!!!

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Above Bozen, at an altitude of 1200 meters, Paul and his wife have been running the Willelehof in Jenesien since 1996.

From June to September, strawberry season begins at the Willelehof. Paul and his family also produce raspberries and cherries on an area of one hectare each, which ripen from mid-July to the end of September.

We mostly serve the fresh Willelehof strawberries with ice cream. On weekends we use them to make "tartellettes aux fraises", pastries with strawberries and patisserie cream. Our homemade strawberry jam is also made from Paul's strawberries.

We can’t wait for him to harvest the first raspberries and cherries. What treats will we use them for?

Stay tuned!!!

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The cheesemaker and his guitar

Tuesday is the perfect day to look for new and exciting excursions and hikes that the concierge can then recommend to his esteemed guests. This time he dives into the mountains of Merano, which we can see simply by looking out the window, but rarely have the time to actually visit.

Starting form St. Walburg in the Ulten valley we are accompanied by mountain guide and expert in botany, “Aunt Resi”.

We hike towards Malghetto di cloz at 1894 meters above sea level. Before us towers Monte Luco. Usually we only get to see this mountain from the other side.

We are on the Proveis nature trail and admire the mountain pastures. Here in South Tyrol most pastures are high mountain pastures, which means they lie high beyond the treeline and therefore most of the soil is very acidic. On such soil the vegetation isn’t very varied. However, mostly young cattle graze on alpine pastures which are less demanding then adults.

We continue our hike through the mountains and enjoy the beautiful views. But from time to time we ask ourselves if there could be a bear nearby, this is after all the area of the Life-ursus project, where the Brenta brown bear population lives and is protected after nearly dying out a few years back. The chances of meeting a bear however are very slim and the mountains are too beautiful to spend all hike unnecessarily worrying.

Once arriving at Malga cloz, the concierge enjoys lunch, huts like this are known for their cheese, alpine cheese as used in our Schlutzkrapfen. One table over, the ladies enjoy the guitar playing of the alpine dairyman.

One wonders what they are admiring more, the mountains, or the dairyman?

The concierge is of course only slightly jealous. Next time a group of ladies ask for advice on where to hike to, he’ll send them to the dairyman and his alpine pasture.

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After our chives have successfully survived the winter, it is now harvest time. Normally in the months of April and May, a lot of our chives are used for the Bozner-sauce, around here typically eaten with asparagus. But what to do with all the chives when this year’s asparagus season is cancelled because of Covid-19?

Well, we harvest the chives, wash, and chop them and add browned sunflower seeds. Then we add a clove of garlic, a little grated Parmesan cheese and a pinch of salt. Fill into jars and seal with seed oil.

Et voilà. Chives-pesto, perfect for pasta.

Stay tuned!

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