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Pit stop on Claudia Augusta way
Culinary stop in Vilpian on the Claudia Augusta way

2000 years Via Claudia Augusta, 700 kilometers from Donauwörth to Quarto Altino; and Algund lies exactly in the center: a reason to celebrate.

Therefore, the Raiffeisen Amateur Sports Club Algund invited to a seven-day bike ride; supported by the municipality and the tourism office Algund, 26 participants have made ​​their way.
The first application came promptly from the mayor himself, Ulrich Gamper. He then invited the mayors along the connection from the Roman period to accompany the group for a day; Algund to Salurn. The invitation was accepted among others by Member of Parliament Oswald Schiefer, the mayor of Truden Edmund Lanziner and Mayor Monika Delvai from Montan.
For a surprise on the bike path the pit stop in Vilpian was elected. HGV local chairman Andreas Sparer and the President of the Tourism Agency Terlan Lisi Visintainer wanted to make sure to spoil the cyclists in person in the name of asparagus hosts and the tourist office: with Asparagus Wine from the Terlan winery, Speck from Mair butcher, Margarete asparagus and juices. Strengthened, the group again made good things on the way to reach the milestone Salurn.

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From tiles to spirits!

One of our long-standing supplier of tiles and tiling, after many years of working around construction sites, he decided to devote himself completely to another thing you can do just as well but that certainly gives him more satisfaction.

With pears from his garden, with nuts of his parents, neighbors with raspberries and of course with apples, in the land of apples, Ulrich Huez, with its stills and passion, produces a selection of grappa of great charm.

And at Sparerhof, with as much passion and satisfaction, we offer products of the distillery and serve "Pergola", from nearby Gargazzone between drinks "spirits" most appreciated by our customers.

Stay tuned!

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Asparagus, the star

Margarete goes to Hollywood - fast
The Royal Vegetable, time and time again, summons the film crews to Vilpian, to the kitchen of the Sparerhof. What does it? Is it its freshness? Its taste? Its aphrodisiac properties? I honestly do not know. What I do know is that cameramen, directors and moderators all dance around the spring vegetable.
The result? Beautiful films:
"2m2" - Team Andrè Bechtold and Matteo Donagrandi were thrilled with this film. To view, visit:
"Land und Leute: Vilpian, Spargel & Genuss" ("The land and its people: Vilpian, Asparagus and Taste"), May 6, 2014 at 8.35 p.m. on the Rai Bozen channel.

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Springboard Sparerhof

2012: Sparerhof held the baptism of musician Natalie Plöger at Bar Blume;
2014: Natalie Plöger, with her band ELAIZA, was chosen as candidate for the German Euro Vision Song Contest!

To FAZ article Article of SPON

Congratulations Natalie!

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First unofficial photo

Preparations are underway for the upcoming "Asparagus Season "!
The farmers in the fields, the Cellar with wines, Restaurateurs.... all are feverishly working to ensure that the 2014 season also centers the successes of the previous years, and even more!
And what help can I offer? Of course, the first rumors.... Preview of the first spy shots for the next "Asparagus Queen", which still does not wear her crown....
Stay tuned!

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wedding reception

romantic wedding reception for a party of 4.

Angelika & Robert
Calf liver pate with apples on toast
Red wine risotto with radicchio from
Entrecôte Maître d'Hôtel
Roast potatoes
Mixed Salad
Choice of desserts

congrats to the wedding couple

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In memory of our dear friend Otto Garber, the "king of cigars" that suddenly left this world.

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New Star in the Sky: The Hotel Sparerhof!

The Hotel Sparerhof in Vilpian is now a movie star! The film company Eyeworks, chose the Sparerhof in Vilpian to shoot some scenes of the Swedish cult movie Sune Road (original title: SUNE PA BILSEMESTER). Sune is with his family on a European trip and they plan on stopping in a small village in South Tyrol where Sune's parents had spent their honeymoon 20 year earlier.

The film was first presented on Christmas day in Stockholm. A Swedish family who were guests at the Hotel Sparerhof during the shooting in summer 2013.

Soon we will be able to tell you more about the film. Until then here is a taste of the filming at the Hotel Sparerhof. The Swedish families light blue Volvo, packed to the brim, parked right outside the hotel entrance, some moments of shooting on the parking lot of the hotel and finally the poster of the film kindly sent to us from our friend in Stockholm. Thank you!

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Weather Station

From today, the Hotel Sparerhof has a weather station! Weather data (temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure) is updated every 15 minutes and can be found on the website of the Hotel on the page of the webcam.

The Sparerhof weather station is the first one of the network BikeWeather, with the intention of providing weather data to cyclists and bikers.

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