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Pinot noir? Mazzon

The pinot noir, cultivated in the dolomite-chalk hills of Mazzon, is among the most refined wines of South Tyrol. Such complexity in pinot noir is very seldom in Italy, and the small and sleepy town of Mazzon does not have to hide behind the international competition.

The cellar masters around Mazzon know how to appreciate the soil and climate. Condensed on such small space, renowned wineries like Hofstätter, Ploner, Haas, Gottardi and Brunnenhof, have long realised the potential of the location and manage to continue to develop various exciting new wines.

Everything started with one name: Vigna S. Urbano. The name that nowadays can be found on a bottle of Joseph Hofstätter wine, was the wine in South Tyrol guaranteeing its origin by certification. Today it is still celebrated for its elegance and complexity, far outside of Mazzon. A founding stone for south tyrolean focus on quality and in this region and example for the rapid change in agriculture.

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Lake di Ledro
A visit to the Lago di Ledro.

A 9km hike around a beautiful lake on a wonderful spring day.

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The Peace Path. Kaltern
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Hike from Klausen to Feldthurns through Pardell
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Hike to the Leadner alp Hut
Hike from Vöran to the Leadner alp

Leadner alp: 1530m above Vöran, can be reached starting from the cable car startion in a 80 minutes hike.

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Kofelraster Lakes in Ulten

Starting at the Steinrast parking lot, over the Kühberg alp to the Kofelraster lakes on 2420m, and back down to the Riemerbergl alp.

15km, 905m altitude, 5h route up,, our route back down,, how to get there
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To the Gschnagenhardt alp
Web site: 11.1km, 3h20m, 450m altitude gain, Track, Approach
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Eishof, mountain hut in the Val di Fosse
9.74km, 2h34m, 380 meters difference in altitude, map, journey
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bridge over troubled water
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Lake Valdurna - Seebalm mountain hut - Flaggerscharten hut
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