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the photographer and the artist
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Hike to the Oberschol Hut
Unterschol Upper & Lower Schol Hut
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Mair goes Eier

© Sebastian Stocker

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Born to ride

The official partner of BMW motorcycles from Thailand visited us during their Enduro tour.

The staff of BMW Thailand, with lots of fans following them, visited some of the most scenic parts of South Tyrol. Some of the highlights are certainly the visit to a local glacier, where the riders from hotter and more humid climates touched fresh snow for the first time in their lives.

Thanks to enduropark for the beautiful pictures.

Stay tuned!!!

Pict © Enduro Park Thailand

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Beware of Bellyflop Splash zones

Summer’s here!

The perfect time to leap into the pool! But be warned!

The ground may be slippery when wet, even the more seasoned pool divers should be careful not to spend such beautiful weather in the hospital!

It’s best to enjoy these hot afternoons from the inside of our swimming pool.

Stay tuned!

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Concierge blooms into top form

One of our longstanding clients has a stand at the „Interpoma“ exposition in Bolzano, that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Interpoma focuses on the apple, from its cultivation to its conservation to its marketing.

It is a unique event for this economic sector in the whole world. The exposition’s goal is to represent and showcase the innerworkings of the apple industry, starting from the cultivation to the methods of conservation and storage, the marketing and distribution, to the general and international public.

The exposition is structured to show the various apple varieties and strains, the newest technological advancements from new machines to harvest methods.

Interpoma isn’t solely a giant showcase for apples but also an important place for networking and discussion.

Our client didn’t just want “a” stand, he wanted it to be surrounded by flowers and fruits, of course the apple wasn’t to be missing. We are surrounded by apples, not only by apple fields in the literary sense, but also by works of art throughout our hotel. This outstanding fruit is a part of our regions culture and therefore a piece of us.

The Merano florist Gutweniger Stefan does it all, everybody’s happy, your Concierge, and most importantly, the client.

Stay tuned...

The artist © A. Ebbens
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Vespa, Ischia & Positano

Ischia, hot weather and vespas, all the ingredients for an Italian summer at the Sparerhof! After crossing the Brenner and the passo Giovo by vespa, stopping for a refreshing drink is a must before continuing southwards.

Beautiful vintage colours, the vespa never falls out of fashion, together with Napoli, Ischia and Positano.

Good travels, the concierge awaits your return.

Stay tuned!

picts © nr 1 r. thaler
picts © nr 2 -3 m. teuwsen

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Mountain Spring

Apple juice, rum, ginger and rosemary-syrup - with his Alto Adige cocktail Hannes has been able to win the jury at the County's hotel business school over and won the first prize.
We're curious to see if Mountain Spring will have the same success with our guests!

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From tiles to spirits!

One of our long-standing supplier of tiles and tiling, after many years of working around construction sites, he decided to devote himself completely to another thing you can do just as well but that certainly gives him more satisfaction.

With pears from his garden, with nuts of his parents, neighbors with raspberries and of course with apples, in the land of apples, Ulrich Huez, with its stills and passion, produces a selection of grappa of great charm.

And at Sparerhof, with as much passion and satisfaction, we offer products of the distillery and serve "Pergola", from nearby Gargazzone between drinks "spirits" most appreciated by our customers.

Stay tuned!

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Springboard Sparerhof

2012: Sparerhof held the baptism of musician Natalie Plöger at Bar Blume;
2014: Natalie Plöger, with her band ELAIZA, was chosen as candidate for the German Euro Vision Song Contest!

To FAZ article Article of SPON

Congratulations Natalie!

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