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Maultasch and Grape Harvest
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Autumn instead of spring, a small celebration instead of a big one. OTTO, the grand opening of the new public library of Terlan dind‘t happen in quite the same way that was once anticipated. But the satisfaction of the new library being finished brings us joy even in the midst of a pandemic.

Stay tuned!!

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Terlano winery

picts © K. Brugger

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Visit at the bubble winery
Our esteemed colleagues Giovanni Grasso and Franca Pulcini, owners of the prestigious restaurant (1 Michelin star) La Credenza in San Maurizio Canavese (TO) and two long time friends, visited us today.

On this occasion we visited Sebastian Stocker, equally famous producer and common supplier of the homonymous sparkling wine Stocker, but also known to all for his many years as enologist at Cantina Terlano. For his 80-plus years, Stocker is still in great shape and always actively working.
Giovanni wanted to pay homage to Mr. Stocker with a book on the Restaurant “La Credenza”: the shot depicts the submission of the volume opened right on the pages dedicated to him. To underline how Giovanni, skilled in the kitchen, unfortunately, does not have the same capacities in the realm of photography, as the pictures well documents.
The image portrays also the grandson of Sebastian Stocker, who bears the same forname as his grandfather and is known locally as the “official” Terlano asparagus’ photographer.

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Asparagus, the star

Margarete goes to Hollywood - fast
The Royal Vegetable, time and time again, summons the film crews to Vilpian, to the kitchen of the Sparerhof. What does it? Is it its freshness? Its taste? Its aphrodisiac properties? I honestly do not know. What I do know is that cameramen, directors and moderators all dance around the spring vegetable.
The result? Beautiful films:
"2m2" - Team Andrè Bechtold and Matteo Donagrandi were thrilled with this film. To view, visit:
"Land und Leute: Vilpian, Spargel & Genuss" ("The land and its people: Vilpian, Asparagus and Taste"), May 6, 2014 at 8.35 p.m. on the Rai Bozen channel.

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First unofficial photo

Preparations are underway for the upcoming "Asparagus Season "!
The farmers in the fields, the Cellar with wines, Restaurateurs.... all are feverishly working to ensure that the 2014 season also centers the successes of the previous years, and even more!
And what help can I offer? Of course, the first rumors.... Preview of the first spy shots for the next "Asparagus Queen", which still does not wear her crown....
Stay tuned!

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