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...once more at the Dorfner

A sunny day, clear skies.

At the Sparerhof the weather is always nice. If you work in tourism like the concierge, the weather is "always nice", even when it rains.

But today it was actually nice. So what to do with such splendid weather?

How about we pay our colleague Anton Dalvai a visit.

Where to then? Onwards to Montan, south of Bozen. From Montan we go on to Gschnon where the Dorfner restaurant is situated.

Anton, owner and chef, has been working behind the stove since he was a boy.

For him cooking means: "Think global, act regional, for us, that’s a thousand meters above sea level."

This is one of Anton's core beliefs; next to his hotel and restaurant is the family-run farm, which is a source of inspiration and success for Anton.

Mere meters form the restaurant, they grow many of the ingredients they use in their dishes themselves. The concierge is visiting for the second time and the food still tastes excellent, each dish carefully and masterfully prepared.

Great attention to details is put into everything. Even the porcelain and cutlery, right down to the glasses in which Baron Longo's "Solaris" wine is tasted, have been carefully selected.

It might be best not to order a second glass of wine though, as the pathway back is narrow and steep.

Next time it would be best to come prepared. Sturdy shoes, a comfortable backpack. It might even be best to dine and then stay the night. Ah well, next time…

stay tuned!!!

Lake Kaltern
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For lunch at Bergasthof Dorfner
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A look behind the curtains

What a great opportunity to see Nadja again, the mind behind the asparagus weeks that accompanied us trough the busy months.
Now, she‘s got a new job, very close to home…

Come join us as we take a closer look at the competition

South Tyrolean tourism offers great variety: sports, a place of peace and quiet with the family or offers for pairs, South Tyrolean hotels offer diverse and original experiences, that distinguish themselves with their hospitality and variety. Ideal if your looking to escape from the difficulties of daily life.

Hotel Traminerhof
Good life. Cool Ride. This is the slogan of the Bikehotel Traminerhof, owned by the Pomella family, along the Strada del Vino in Termeno.
To discover the very best of the hotel, proprietor Armin and the architects take us on a tour and let us discover the hotels philosophy and its architectonic style.
Offers to rent an ebike, which make it very easy to visit the various wineries and try their splendid wines. Delicious apple specialties await us in the new Bar-62, the new meeting place for guests and locals.

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A young bride and groom spent their honeymoon by visiting the beautiful Dolomites and chose the Sparerhof as the starting point for their daytrips. Together they visited the lakes of Caldaro, Monticcolo e Carezza and the surrounding areas. Having one more day left over before their flight home from the Venetian Marco Polo airport, they desired to explore the famous city on the lagoon and asked the Concierge for recommendations on where to spend the night.

Thanks to his connections, he contacted a Venetian colleague who gladly found the young couple a room in a small hotel directly on the famous Canal grande.

They thanked us for their stay at the Sparerhof and the recommendations from our colleague Giorgio, which made their stay in Venice unforgettable. The metaphorical cherry on top as one might say, before the newlyweds boarded their flight home.

Stay tuned!!

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Hike from Klausen to Feldthurns through Pardell
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Eppan Ridgeway and Iceholes
11km, 735 meters of elevation gate, 5h, map, how to get there
Castle Englar
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Time to pick up Prosecco and Gin, Conegliano

With the Kapriol gin bottle almost empty, and all the prosecco gone. Yours truly, had the perfect excuse to get in the truck and drive towards the home of Prosecco.

First stop, the bar “Al Solito Posto”, (the usual place), perfect time for a glass of Prosecco, of course, only for the co-pilot.

Fortunately, Francesco Maschio, of omonima, and the office remembered me.

By being late to the loading times, (8.00-12.00 and 14.00-18.00), we arrived at 12.30, we had the chance to try the kitchen of "Al Salisà“: modern dishes from sushi to game, in a rustic environment with a terrace and wooden sofas.

A bit of shopping in the city later, we returned to a truck filled with prosecco.

And so, we returned home, with a fridge filled to the brim with prosecco and lots of motivation.

Stay tuned!

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