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Vanni Viviani has been painting "the apple" for about 30 years and has become well known for this icon identifying his whole work. But, in fact, nobody has realized that he is a refined painter of the nude which is one of the most classic themes and a subject for aesthetic research in the figurative art of any age.

Even if Viviani is tightly bound to these nearly exclusive themes, surly he is not repetitive, as a matter of fact, there is not one field of artistic creativeness that he has not explored: wood engraving, stone and bronze carving, jewels, glasses, various object experience, many forms of applied art, art print, lithography in particular.

A retrospective view of his whole work, offering the opportunity of comparing his later with his earlier paintings, can be extremely surprising, as it shows the fertility of the creative faculty of the artist's mind, his belonging to the poetic area of "Imagination" and how, while following the requests coming from the avant - garde research without being either dragged in or overwhelmed, the artist has modified and made his lines more sensitive as well as his forms and his structural arrangements too.

Consequently his artistic production hears echoes of Pop Art, plain art, Conceptualism, Quotationism in a vision which is, at times, either capricious or jocose or, more often unrealistic or better fanciful.

The virtual and factual qualities of his work and the perfect completeness of his images have the purpose to give his vision according to the characters of the highest unrealistic tradition. Viviani has an appreciably peculiar personality within the circle of Italian art, where deviations are seldom allowed, and he has obtained his well - deserved distinction by letting us, viewers of the adventure of his mind in the world of apples, listen to the tales, jokes, morals and apologues that his images keep on telling us.

Renzo Margonari Director of the academy of fine arts in Verona.

The artist died at the age of 65 jears on june 11th 2002 at his home in San Giacomo Segnate (Mantova).

(Tageszeitung vom 22./23.6.2002)
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