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written at 15:55 by concierge
The horse eats the apple?

A bicycle trip to Merano is also an opportunity to observe the farmers who collect the first apples of the season. ...

Many of the varieties that will be collected in our areas and among them we mention:

Golden Delicious, Gala, Red Delicious, Fuji, Granny Smith, Braeburn, Jonagold, Topaz, Morgenduft, Winesap, Idared, Elstar, Pinova, Pink Lady, Kanzi, Rubens, Jazz, and Modi.

While being guided by bike between the apple orchards, we reach the racecourse, where it is in full swing Fifth Day / Summer Autumn Meeting (08/17/2014 - Opening hours 12:00 - 15:35 hours before the race).

Program: Cocktail obstacles / plan (ie 3 and 4 trials);

The day also includes a second round of Cross-Country where you challenge gentlemen, Amazons and licensed FISE jockeys and ... we also met a welcomed guest that is ajockey (who would have thought??)

I wonder if he and, or the horse won?

Will we let you know ...? Stay tuned !!!!

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Emilio Bernardo Brumbach

The young manager of the Circus Stefan Brumbach is advertising his family business..

Come and spend some time and have fun at the circus.

16.8.214 Saturday at 18:30 and Sunday, 17/08/2014 at 15:00. Location: Haus des Apfels, Terlan

written at 22:07 by concierge
"You MUST stay here!"

This was by far the best hotel experience I have ever had. You feel like family the minute you walk in the door and Andreas greets you. The rooms are lovely, the food is fantastic and the location is perfect. The details in the decorations throughout the hotel are exquisite. We spent 4 nights here and looked forward to coming back from our day trips each evening to sit outside and have a few drinks and enjoy Andreas sense of humor. We were very sad to leave and know we will return one day--this is a very special place.

Review from Nsclark on TripAdvisor stayed June 2014

written at 13:43 by concierge
Vilpian and the transalp bike race

Thursday, July 24, 2014, the program of the fifth leg of the bike tour, "Transalp" starts from Sarnthein and crosses Mölten, Vilpian, Nals, Sirmian, and St. Apollonia to eventually get to Kaltern.
Cyclists coming from Mölten through the Farm Scholer and Planatsch will arrive to Vilpian. From the ex-Schlemmer, along the main road, they will arrive at Hotel Sparerhof continuing to Nals.
For this reason, some road sections will suffer deviations between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. and Vilpian, for a short time (half an hour is expected, probably between the hours of 10 to 10.30) traffic will be blocked to allow 1,000 mountain bikers to pass through the city.
We await our guests for a drink with a glass of Terlaner at 9:30 a.m. punctual!
Stay tuned!

written at 16:53 by concierge
Wedding Reception

Today we had the pleasure of organizing refreshments for the young couple;
the setting was perfect and it was a wonderful celebration for everyone!

written at 12:32 by concierge
A little adventure

River Boating

A special thanks goes to Hagen Tschörner who invited me, and all the members of the Tourist Board Terlan, to participate in a truly unusual experience: inland waterways (River Boating).
The experience, doable for everyone, is organized into all the details, including travel, clothing and paying particular attention to safety.
After you have browsed the net, you will definitely want to try out the navigation on the river!
Stay tuned ...

written at 10:18 by concierge
Ships, aircrafts and Paris Hilton
Amsterdam, "sign-on" of May 31, 1985

The owner of the cruise ship used to offer the crew a night (the one before departure from the port) in an at least 4-star hotel.

So it was not in the case of "sign-on" in Amsterdam as the carrying capacity of the city was almost entirely depleted by a concurrent exhibition of great attraction.

Finding accommodation for a crew change for more than 400 people was by no means an easy undertaking, resolved with the rental of a warehouse of the civil protection, along the harbor.

Instead of 4 stars, the shed was equipped with 4 showers (which should be enough for all 400 people) and camp cots as beds: mine was no. 265.

My bed neighbor next to me introduced himself: "I'm from Canada", he said, "and only on the first engagement." I was on the third. I asked him what duties he had. Deck Stewart.
But I was Stewart, a role more important than his. Finally I asked him what he had studied or his previous experiences:

I am an aeronautical engineer, said Chris; (Oh yeah? And then I am the brother of Paris Hilton, I thought ...)
A couple of months after our departure from the port of Amsterdam, Chris and his partner at the time (also stewardess on the ship) abandoned the ship in Athens, resigning from office.

For many years I have not heard from Chris, until one day, in Innsbruck, met him by chance while he was there to treat the sale of a Dash aircraft.

The travels of Chris had first brought him to India and then to Australia, where he met his life partner Silvie. However, since Australia was also too small, Silvie and Chris moved to Switzerland ...!

Last June, Chris and Sylvie gave us a short visit for a refreshing cappuccino and coffee after a bicycle tour in South Tyrol ...

Chris is Director of the Swiss headquarters of a multinational in the aviation industry.

I, however, am not the brother of Paris Hilton ....
Stay tuned!

written at 20:44 by concierge
Pit stop on Claudia Augusta way
Culinary stop in Vilpian on the Claudia Augusta way

2000 years Via Claudia Augusta, 700 kilometers from Donauwörth to Quarto Altino; and Algund lies exactly in the center: a reason to celebrate.

Therefore, the Raiffeisen Amateur Sports Club Algund invited to a seven-day bike ride; supported by the municipality and the tourism office Algund, 26 participants have made ​​their way.
The first application came promptly from the mayor himself, Ulrich Gamper. He then invited the mayors along the connection from the Roman period to accompany the group for a day; Algund to Salurn. The invitation was accepted among others by Member of Parliament Oswald Schiefer, the mayor of Truden Edmund Lanziner and Mayor Monika Delvai from Montan.
For a surprise on the bike path the pit stop in Vilpian was elected. HGV local chairman Andreas Sparer and the President of the Tourism Agency Terlan Lisi Visintainer wanted to make sure to spoil the cyclists in person in the name of asparagus hosts and the tourist office: with Asparagus Wine from the Terlan winery, Speck from Mair butcher, Margarete asparagus and juices. Strengthened, the group again made good things on the way to reach the milestone Salurn.

written at 22:09 by maschinenraum
Mountain Spring

Apple juice, rum, ginger and rosemary-syrup - with his Alto Adige cocktail Hannes has been able to win the jury at the County's hotel business school over and won the first prize.
We're curious to see if Mountain Spring will have the same success with our guests!

written at 20:20 by concierge
From tiles to spirits!

One of our long-standing supplier of tiles and tiling, after many years of working around construction sites, he decided to devote himself completely to another thing you can do just as well but that certainly gives him more satisfaction.

With pears from his garden, with nuts of his parents, neighbors with raspberries and of course with apples, in the land of apples, Ulrich Huez, with its stills and passion, produces a selection of grappa of great charm.

And at Sparerhof, with as much passion and satisfaction, we offer products of the distillery and serve "Pergola", from nearby Gargazzone between drinks "spirits" most appreciated by our customers.

Stay tuned!

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